High Voltage Inspection Testing

High Voltage Inspection Testing
High Voltage Inspection Testing

High Voltage Inspection Testing for clients’ high voltage substations across the UK. The scope of work includes inspecting the tripping batteries and charger, visual inspection of all substation equipment, checking of the building security and testing the transformer insulating oil samples.

We are able to develop and implement comprehensive high voltage inspection, testing and maintenance strategies in order to mitigate the risk of an unforeseen breakdown or safety related issue.

C&P can set out comprehensive control operation and maintenance agreements in order for our team of high voltage electrical specialists to carry out testing and maintenance and act as SAP (senior authorised personnel) as part of your extended team.

High Voltage Testing & Commissioning

The testing and commissioning of high voltage electrical equipment is a highly specialised activity. With every HV electrical installation our trained engineers carry out their specified area of work to the highest techncal and safety standards.

Our range of services include HV protection grading and testing, earthing studies, 11kV pressure testing and the allocation of an SAP engineer for specific switching needs.

We offer a full commissioning service. This services is integrated within our range of other testing services available, which include but are not limited to the following testing services:

Other High Voltage Inspection Testing Services (not limited to):

  • HV & LV Winding Insulation Tests
  • Winding Ratio Checks
  • Bucholz Testing
  • Oil Sample and Testing (electrical breakdown, acidity, water & PCB content, Disolved gas analysis)
  • Switchgear Testing
  • AC Pressure Testing
  • Ductor Testing
  • CT’s – Ratio & flick tests, Mag curves
  • VT’s – Ratio & polarity checks
  • Neutral Voltage Displacement
  • Transformer Auto Tapping Relays
  • Intertripping Schemes
  • Earthing
  • Soil Resistivity Measurements
  • Final Earth Electrode Resistance
  • Functionality Checks
  • Protection Testing
  • Protection
  • Primary and Secondary
  • InjectionTiming Tests
  • Generator Loss of Mains and G59 Protection

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