Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation and ESOS (The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)

Voltage Optimisation: Reduce Energy, Save Money!

Has Voltage Optimisation been included in your ESOS Audit?
ESOS, The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a UK government policy from which requires mandatory audits of UK companies and their energy usage. Companies that employ more than 250 employees or have an annual turnover in excess of £50m are required to produce reports on their energy usage every four years. This was introduced on the 5th December 2015. The ESOS initiative has been predicted to help deliver around £1.6bn savings. More Information on The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

Site Survey & Energy Monitoring

Electricity usage can widely vary depending on a multitude of factors, therefore energy monitoring can be effective in order to obtain valuable data for estimating potential financial savings.  High Voltage Services offer a site survey for customers in order to assess their energy usage and to identify the possible savings that can be achieved. We do this through monitoring and recording site demand of the incoming voltage supply and power levels over a period of time.

The survey and monitoring provides valuable data which enables an assessment of your electricity usage.  A cost-benefit analysis is then developed in order to demonstrate the potential savings that can be achieved through installing or upgrading to equipment such as a  Low Loss Transformer with an increased voltage tapping range.

Voltage Optimisation & Equipment Selection

Voltage Optimisation is the technique used to create energy savings through reducing the incoming supply voltage. It also enables predetermined voltage level requirements in order to install the most efficient equipment, such as a Low Loss or Super Low Loss Transformer with an increased voltage tapping range. Installing solutions such as a low loss transformer, metering, automatic switchgear and other voltage optimisation equipment can potentially reduce wasted energy. For example, a low loss transformer can typically save between 8-12% of your total energy consumption.

 Our Voltage Optimisation Services:

  • Consultancy (Determine Objectives)
  • Site Survey and Monitoring / Voltage Recording
  • Cost Benefit Analysis and Demonstrating Potential Savings
  • Identifying, Proposing and Selecting the Most Efficient Equipment
  • Provide a Complete Breakdown of Equipment Installation Costs
  • Assistance with Sourcing and Applying for Funding

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