Earthing Installation

Earthing Installation

Earthing installation is carried out by our competent electrical engineering installation teams. HV is able to install electrical earthing systems throughout the United Kingdom in strict accordance with the relevant design specification.

Our electrical engineering installation teams can install small-scale installations to the most technical and challenging projects.

Our employees are safety accredited to work on private networks, distribution sites, as well general earthing projects. Safety is paramount and all of our electrical installation teams are fully trained and follow strict health and safety procedures.

Earthing installations can be divided into a number of sections, including:

  • plant bonding
  • structure earthing
  • protection earthing and surge arrestors.
  • main earth grids
  • switching earth mats
  • main earth electrodes

Earthing System Installation

We carry out earthing system installations using various techniques, methods and materials. Installations can be carried out using exothermic welds (CADWELSs), compression joints, welding/brazing, bare to bare connections, resin moulds and flat bar or bare conductors.

Our highly experienced engineering teams are able to carry out installation requirements for various applications.  Once an earthing connection is completed, it is tested for integrity and contact resistance.

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