New Electricity Connections

New Electricity Connections – Contestable Works

High Voltage Services is a high voltage engineering solutions company with extensive experience and capability. We offer engineering solutions for the new electricity connections associated with DNO, or IDNO (Distribution Network Operator/ Independent Distribution Network Operator) for developments.

We have demonstrated the necessary capability, competency and experience to operate as an independent connections provider (ICP). We are able to extend the DNO’s network to enable new electrical connections on the private network and provide a full turnkey service from initial application and feasibility studies, design, construction and commissioning, through to the final adoption, energisation and handover to the local DNO.

HV also holds Lloyd Register partial accreditation to the NERSĀ  (National Electricity Registration Scheme) and is officially able to tender for the following contestable electricity connection work activities:

  • Cable Jointing (LV Live, LV Dead 11kV, 33kV)
  • Network Connections – Jointing (LV Mains & Services, LV Terminations, 11kV Mains & Services, 11kV Terminations)
  • Substation Installation (20kV, 33kV)
  • Project Management: Substation Installation (132kV)

New Electricity Connections:

  • Design of the Connection
  • Project and Site Management
  • Design & Installation of Earthing Systems
  • Procurement of Transformers, Cables and Switchgear
  • Construction and Installation of the Substation(s) and Primary
  • Private Network & Contestable Grid Connection
  • Civil Engineering Services – Route of Connection, Cable Laying, Overhead Line Services
  • Commissioning of all Installed Connection Equipment
  • Documentation Control

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