Dissolved Gas Analysis Testing

Dissolved Gas Analysis Testing (DGA)

Dissolved Gas Analysis Testing – As part of the natural aging process and from other issues such as thermal or electrical failures, oil and insulating parts within a transformer become dissolved in the oil.

Dissolved Gas Analysis Testing is a very important test that enables the early detection of damage, fault detection and transformer failures that may occur in the future without early detection and preventative maintenance and repair.

Gas Analysis Testing identifies the concentrations of any gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane, ethane, ethylene and acetylene. The concentration of these gases can be related to changes in the physical or chemical property of the oil which can be used to diagnose faults.

It is suggested as an industry that dissolved gas analysis should be carried out once a year.

SF6 Gas Sampling and Evaluatation

C&P Engineering Services provide comprehensive SF6 gas evaluation which provides an analysis of moisture content, air content, dielectric breakdown potential, and the SF6 degradation products.
Our associated laboratories can identify if the SF6 is suitable for prolonged use or a replacement gas is required.

Some of the benefits of performing a gas insulated system diagnostic evaluation:

  • Minimize the Need for Internal Inspections
  • Reduce Downtime Risk and potential Loss of Revenue due to Failure
  • A Reduction in Maintenance Expenses
  • Establish Baseline Data for Evaluation
  • ID Gas Purity
  • Mitigate the Risk and Potential for Catastrophic Failures.
  • Diagnose Units with Problems

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