Health and Safety


Safety, Training & Competency

We operate a safe system of work and high voltage electrical safety management rules that are equal and aligned with the DNO’s safety management systems for the design, specification, selection, installation, commissioning, energisation and the maintenance and operation of high voltage electrical networks.

Training is an essential part in maintaining, expanding and updating our employees’ high voltage electrical skillsets. All of our high voltage electrical employees are trained to DNO (Distribution Network Operator) training standards.

We ensure our employees receive consistent up-to-date training and assessment which is based on our core areas of expertise and associated with the design, construction, operation and maintenance of high voltage electrical power distribution networks.

Our employees through our company training programme increase their personal competencies through the development of knowledge and skills as well as invaluable practical experience, resulting in recognised accredited qualifications. All of our employees are qualified in their respective areas of expertise.

We have over 43 years HV electrical experience and our employees and management team have spent many years working for DNO’s (Distribution Network Operators), from which they have gained valuable and specialist expertise for working on private and DNO distribution networks.

We continually assess competency through skill needs analysis to ensure all of our employees possess the necessary level of competency and skill set to carry out their respective areas of work in a competent, safe, professional, experienced and knowledgeable manner.