Offshore Wind HV

Offshore Wind HV

Offshore Wind HV – 11kV | 33kV | 132kV

Offshore Wind HV – High Voltage Services provide a full range of Offshore Wind HV services. We cover design, consultancy, installation, testing and commissioning, energisation, operation and maintenance for electrical networks up to 132kV.

Having built over 30 wind farms and operating and maintaining renewable energy assets across the UK, High Voltage Services is well placed to provide Offshore Wind HV solutions, from HV turnkey solutions to consultancy, operation and maintenance services.

  • GWO Certified
  • High Voltage Turnkey Solutions
  • Installation
  • SAP Service
  • Fault Analysis & Management
  • Consultancy & HV Safety
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Commissioning

Our Offshore Wind High Voltage Services & Area of Expertise:

  • Site Management / SAP Duties up to 132kV
  • Control & Operation /HV Safety HV Consultancy
  • Switchgear & Transformer Installation & Testing
  • Design and Network Analysis, Discrimination Studies
  • Earthing Design
  • HV Electrical System Design
  • HV Electrical Installation Primary substation: Construction, Installation and Commissioning
  • Switchgear, Transformers, Plant & Apparatus: Installation Commissioning and Refurbishment
  • Cable Containment: HV/LV, Cable Ladders Trays & Trunking Earthing Systems
  • Panel Wiring: Relay Panels, Remote Terminal Unit (RTUs) and LVAC boards
  • Lighting, Heating, Power and Security Systems: for Substations and Control Rooms Retrofit
  • Upgrade & Decommissioning: To all Equipment Protection, Design, Testing & Commissioning
  • VLF & Partial Discharge Testing
  • Cable Installation and Connections: HV/LV, Multi-Core & Power, Cable Laying, Pulling, Jointing
  • Maintenance of HV & LV Switchgear
  • HV Inspection & Testing Services up to 68kV (Peak)
  • HV Switching
  • Fault Finding Analysis & Management
  • Transformer Repairs Oil Sampling – Laboratory Analysis Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • Cable Installation & Jointing Services – 11kV, 33kV & 66kV
  • Contestable Grid Connections
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Asset Management, Condition Inspection & Monitoring

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