High Voltage Cable Jointing

High Voltage Cable Jointing

High Voltage Cable Jointing – We specialise in providing High Voltage Cable Jointing services. We offer this from LV to high voltage cables up to 33kV.

LV and HV Jointing and Terminating Services

We carry out standard techniques for high voltage cable jointing, from the traditional paper insulated lead covered cable PILCSWA, PILCSTA, MIND type cables through to the modern XLPE and EPR triplex cables, both screened and armoured.

Our teams are trained to current up-to-date technologies such as cold shrink, heat shrink, cold applied, products from various manufacturers, including  Reychem,  Prysmiam, Tyco, Euromold, Coopers, karl phisterer and ‘lovink’ joints and terminations.

Our highly experienced engineering teams of skilled jointers perform installation services for private networks on behalf of windfarm developers, solar farm developers, oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical and other heavy engineering and construction industries.

Cable Installation

We provide High Voltage Cable Installation services through our installation teams who are equipped to carry out the erection and installation of cable support structures for high voltage projects, covering cable pulling, containment, installation and terminating > Read More about our cable installation service.

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