High Voltage Maintenance

High Voltage Maintenance

Maintaining Performance and Reliability

High Voltage Maintenance  – Maintaining the performance and reliability of your electrical supplies are critical to your operations. We specialise in maintaining transformers, switchgear, breakers, protective relays, switches and other critical components.

HV manage many operational and maintenance contracts that have unique requirements which can be due to factors such as operational constraints and security of supply. From substation supply and installation, through to managing the integrity of the high voltage system and life cycle, HV have extensive experience in providing cost effective solutions that ensure greater reliability of the electrical supply, whilst delivering economies to site.
Through developing robust maintenance strategies we are able to assist your organisation in planning against any unplanned power supply interruptions that may result in downtime and production loss.

Operating and maintaining high voltage systems requires experienced operatives with specialist skills. High Voltage Services fulfills this service for our customers through operating and maintaining their private High Voltage networks (HV switchgear, transformers & substations) up to and including 33kV equipment. We also have the capability to design and build high voltage 132kV substations and associated networks and provide Design and Build contracting services.

We develop maintenance strategies for clients and carry out agreed maintenance contracts over short and long term options.

Operation & Maintenance

Our high voltage maintenance programmes cover the following:

  • HV / LV Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Circuit Breakers – Oil. SF6, Vacuum
  • Protection Relays – Electromechanical & Solid State
  • Oil & SF6 Switches and Ring Main Units
  • HV / LV Cable Systems
  • SAP Services
  • Oil Sampling – (DGA) Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • Transformer Oil Changes
  • Protection Testing
  • Battery Tripping Unit Maintenance
  • Tan Delta Cable Testing
  • Partial Discharge Surveys
  • Live On-line Partial Discharge Testing –
  • High Frequency Current Transformers (HFCTs)
  • Cable Fault Location & Repairs
  • Fault Analysis & Management
  • Voltages – 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV
  • HV Testing up to 68kV – Substation, Transformer, Switchgear, Cables
  • Consultancy & HV Safety
  • Jointing & Cable Installation

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