High Voltage Cable Installation

High Voltage Cable Installation – Cable Pulling, Containment and Installation

We provide High Voltage Cable Installation services through our installation teams who are equipped to carry out the erection and installation of cable support structures for high voltage projects, covering cable pulling, containment, installation and terminating. Read more about our high voltage jointing and terminating services

High Voltage Cable Installation Services:

  • Cable Pulling
  • Ladder rack installation
  • Containment
  • Cable tray installation
  • Open trench cable installation
  • Trenchless technology
  • Mole plough services
  • Directional drilling

In addition to our High Voltage Cable Installation service, we can also carry out earthing system design and installation, the installation of protections systems and the provision of SAP (Senior Authorised Personnel) to provide switching, testing, commissioning, cable fault location and repair work. For further information about¬†HV’s High Voltage and other Integrated Electrical Services, please click on one of the links below: