HV Renewable Energy Maintenance

HV Renewable Energy Maintenance

HV Renewable Energy Maintenance – Wind Turbines

33kV Connected 8 off 3 mW Siemens Wind Turbines

Industry Sector: Renewable Energy


HV Renewable Energy Maintenance – The client decided to switch to using our services due to the locality of their constructed Wind Farm and also taking into account our rapid call out response times.

A maintenance strategy was then developed by C&P which included recommendations and suggested changes/actions to the maintenance plans in order to ensure a sustainable life cycle of the operational plant. C&P also demonstrated new ways of delivering economies to site which included providing enhanced non-intrusive maintenance checks. The suggested actions were included in the maintenance plan, resulting in improvements to both efficiency of the plant and further cost reduction.

Project Duration

12 Month Contract – Renewed and currently in its third year.

Technical Remit

  1. Responsible for the maintenance and repair of 3 off 33kV WSA circuit breakers
  2. 11km of cable: Maintaining its operation, fault repair and control of excavation as defined in line with C&P’s HV SMS.
  3. The maintenance of battery tripping units.
  4. The maintenance of a remote alarm panel.


The client has been very satisfied with our successful delivery of the maintenance contract and as a result has continued to use our services. We have also been able to demonstrate that we have brought economies to site through reduced downtime, increased profits, a return on investment and safe operation of the network which has ultimately safeguarded the reliability of the site, resulting in increased network performance.

For more information about our Renewable Energy Maitenance services, call us on 01792 897002 or email info@nullcpengineering.co.uk

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