Short Term Operating Reserve

C&P Awarded Contract for 30MW STOR Gas Generation Facility

Short Term Operating Reserve – Balancing Supply and Demand to the Grid

C&P Engineering Services are delighted to announce that is has been awarded the design and build contract by Enersyst Limited (part of the Walters Group of Companies) for a STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) 30MW Gas Generation Facility, located off Smoke Lane in Avonmouth, Bristol.

The 30MW STOR facility is one of a number of projects created to service National Grid balancing services. STOR is a demand-side service used by National Grid to provide additional active power from generation or demand reduction. The contract will include full civil and electrical design and build balance of plant works and will include designing, engineering, supplying, installing, constructing, testing and commissioning a fully furnished and operational 30MW gas STOR generation facility.

The project will finally consist of fifteen containerised gas powered gensets, together with associated infrastructure, including vehicle access, pedestrian walkways, foundations, site electrical works, SCADA, substation, control room, transformer and other ancillary items.

The site was first developed in the mid-1960s by Butler Chemicals and was subsequently occupied by Albright and Wilson (1967), Tennaco (1984) and Rhodia (2000). Albermarle Chemicals UK Ltd purchased the site from Rhodia in 2003. The majority of the demolition completed by early 2013.

Over the next 12 months C&P will be working on the design, electrical infrastructure, scada system, cable system, switchgear, M&E fit out of the control building, auxiliary supply to the control building, grid compliance, design of capacitor bank, design and installation of earthing network, testing, commissioning and energisation of the 33kV private network.

David Demock, HV Engineering Manager commented: “This is C&P’s first project with Enersyst and we’re excited to deliver the full balance of plant elements of this 30MW site and a fully operational gas STOR generation facility”.

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