New Windfarm Energisation

Windfarm Energisation

New Windfarm Energisation for 3 Turbine 6MW Site

New Windfarm Energisation – C&P Engineering Services’ high voltage division has recently completed the successful energisation of a 6MW, 3 Turbine Windfarm in Tredegar, South Wales for Windfarm developers, REG Power Management. REG Power Management is a developer, owner and operator of renewable energy projects and has built and developed over 1000MW of operational wind and solar projects, both in the UK and internationally.

Construction began in March and despite a very wintery and cold December in 2017 the three 2MW Vesta V90 turbines were energised and the project was completed safely, on-time and to budget.

C&P Engineering Services were contracted to deliver the full HV Electrical Balance of Plant scope which included assisting WPD (Western Power Distribution) with the grid connection, completing the design, electrical infrastructure, SCADA system, cable system, switchgear, M&E fit out of the control building, auxiliary supply to the control building, grid compliance, design of capacitor bank, design and installation of earthing network, testing, commissioning and energisation of the 33kV private network.

Commenting on the project, C&P’s high voltage Engineering Manager, David Demock said: “This is C&P’s first contract with REG Power Management and we are delighted to energise the 6MW 33kV site and look forward to developing a strong partnership with REG. With onshore wind energy now established as a mature, clean and productive technology and also being endowed as the UK’s largest source of renewable energy generation, we are looking forward to continuing to energise more wind farm projects throughout the UK”.

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