ECO-design Directive

Eco-design Directive

Eco-design Directive for Transformers

New EU Requirements for Transformers

The Eco-design Directive came into effect on the 11th June 2014. It was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The new legislation imposes, within the EU, the maximum level of losses for transformers commissioned from 1st July 2015. It is also applicable to transformers that have been purchased after 11th June 2014.

From the 1st July 2015 transformers that have been manufactured that do not fulfill these minimum requirements will not allowed onto the market,  The regulation also applies to the  commissioning of transformers not fulfilling these minimum requirements and manufacturers are now fully responsible in applying the law.

Since the date of entry for the regulation, manufacturers should not engage in new framework contracts for transformers with energy efficiency specifications below the minimum requirements outlined in the regulation.

Framework contracts signed before 11th June 2014 can go on until the end date, even with deliveries after 1st July 1 2015.

More Information About EU Requirements for Transformers (Source: Siemens)

European Union commitments

  • The EU is implementing its «20-20-20» program by 2020:
  • Reduction of 20 % of greenhouse gases emission
  • Reduction of 20% of energy consumption
  • Reach 20% from renewable energy in total production
  • Power Transformer losses represents about 2.5% of total EU energy consumption
  • By 2020, savings of approximately 16TWh/year are achievable with the new regulation

The Eco-design Directive  aims for two major objectives on the transformer product

  • Reduce electrical losses (1 step in 2015/ 2nd step in 2021)
  • Clarify and make more visible indication of performance
  • Harmonisation of maximum loss levels in the European Union

Efficiency request on medium power transformers for the 1st time.
Eco-design impact on Transformers

Fluid filled and cast resin Transformers: reduced level of losses for fluid filled distribution and cast resin transformers up to 3150kVA

Medium power and power transformers:

  • Level of Peak Efficiency (Mix of load losses and no load losses) for transformers >3150kVA
  • No regulation as of today for transformers >3150kVA
  • Dry type transformers up to 10MVA 36kV
  • Special transformers are not impacted by this regulation
  • Significant increase of Equipment cost and weights/dimensions
  • Reduction of operational cost (total cost of ownership optimised)